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The Partnership

The ASU Global Sustainability Solutions Center at the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer is a partnership between the Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives and the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer in the Netherlands.

The Municipality of Haarlemmermeer borders the City of Amsterdam, Netherlands, and includes Schiphol Airport, the principal international airport of the Netherlands. Haarlemmermeer’s ambition is to become Holland’s most sustainable location for companies, organizations, residents and visitors.

The Center

ASU-GSSC at Haarlemmermeer is a physical location which serves as an “action center” for engagement with organizations and people who want to live and/or do business in Haarlemmermeer. The Center will draw on local and regional community knowledge of sustainability and ASU’s faculty and student expertise to provide sustainability solutions and education. It will also affirm and expand Haarlemmermeer’s position as a sustainability leader.

The Center will initially focus on challenges within and lessons from Haarlemmermeer and the Amsterdam region, and expand, where appropriate, to other areas in Europe. This is the first of three such centers worldwide, launched on January 22, 2013.

The Projects

- Increase awareness of Haarlemmermeer’s unique approach to sustainability by producing sustainability case studies from projects operating in Haarlemmermeer.

- Become the educational partner to the Municipality, providing real-world educational experiences for students of sustainainability by engaging them in solution-focused, applied educational experiences in and around Haarlemmermeer and developing appropriate educational tools for Haarlemmermeer’s stakeholders.

- Provide technical assistance to organizations by creating solutions teams of subject matter experts, made up of ASU faculty, students and partner representatives to solve specific sustainability challenges.

- Accelerate sustainability awareness in local and regional stakeholders by developing workshops or educational modules on sustainability topics of broad interest to business leaders, grassroots organizations, local government agencies, educational institutions and the community at large.

Local Staff

Fonz Dekkers, GSSC Site Coordinator. Fonz Dekkers is a Dutch consultant in the field of Sustainability and Renewable Energy who has been involved with policy and area development for the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer since 20120. Fonz has a Master’s degree in Industrial Ecology from a collaboration between the Delft University of Technology, Leiden University and the Erasmus University Rotterdam. As a Site Coordinator, Fonz is the primary point of contact for the GSSC and is responsible for identification, coordination and management of events, projects and stakeholders involved with the GSSC in the Netherlands and Europe.
+31 (0)6 48 34 05 34

Wendy van Vliet, GSSC Account Manager, Municipality of Haarlemmermeer. Wendy began her work for the Municipality as a communication advisor and project manager in October, 2007. In November, 2011, she became a strategic policy advisor and a member of the joint team exploring ASU/Haarlemmermeer partnership. In this role, she manages projects on the topics of higher education related to the labor market, sustainability and economic growth in Haarlemmermeer and the Amersterdam Metropolitan Area. As a liaison, she is bringing people, projects and organizations together. As Account Manager for GSSC, she is the Municipality representative for the partnership with ASU.
+31 (0)6 53 22 50 14

Center Location:
Taurusavenue 100
2132 LS Hoofdorpp
The Netherlands